Welcome to Everest Restaurant ! We offer such a Delicious food from the Himalayan region that you may get completely lost in the fresh herbs and spices. We have been in the food industry from many years. The restaurant was established with a commitment towards good customer service and high quality of food and hygiene of our patrons, all in a homely environment. Every opportunity of preparing food for you is our luck which we want to deliver with perfection. We only hope to grow from hereafter striving towards excellence. Everest Restaurant is an inspiring ethic restaurant offering a unique dining experience. the mission of the restaurant is not only food trading but also explore Nepalese.

Mouth-watering Indian dishes made to your taste, whether you are looking for Curries or “Tandoori” Roasted food straight out of the Clay oven. Indian food is essentially very healthy and is traditionally cooked using a variety of naturally grown curry spices and herbs.